Friday, August 19, 2011

Road Trip: Lombard St.

Another famous road is Lombard St. in San Fransisco. Although this is a short drive the steep hills and views make it great. This street has been used in countless movies and TV shows. The most recognizable section is the block of brick switchback. It was very steep but lots of fun. Overall I found San Fransisco a challenge to drive with many bicyclists, pedestrians, cable cars, street cars , buses, and of course the really steep hills. It all seems to work well though, with a strange harmony. It was easier to get around then say New York City or Boston. Everybody was on the same page, so things flowed well.

Road Trip: California Route 1

There have been many travel articles written about California's Pacific Coast Highway or Route 1. This is my recent experience. My family and I traveled north from Monterey Bay to San Fransisco. The section from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay was nothing short of spectacular. The coastline scenery was breathtaking. There were hundreds of places one could pull off and take photos of the coast. There were also amazing beaches that are open to use. The road was a well maintained two lane road most of the way, with moderate traffic. There were some great turns and twists to keep it exciting. The closer we got to San Fransisco the road got more twisty. I highly recommend you add this to your road trip list.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Testa Rossa

Testa rossa means red head in Italian. Here you can see the red cylinder head covers of the iconic 1980's Ferrari Testarossa.

Hemmings Sports & Exotics show

Today Oliver and I attended the Hemmings Sports & Exotics magazine auto show at Saratoga state park. I look forward to this event each year. There are some many unique and unusual European cars that one doesn't see very often. When was the last time you saw a Gordon-Keeble? or a Jensen? As always great car in a great setting. We also made another pass through the museum to check out the Italian car display before it changes.