Saturday, April 28, 2012

Current Top 10 Explanation #1

About a year ago I did a post called My Current Top 10. Just a list of the top 10 cars I most want to own, in no particular order. I will start at the top of the list and explain why I want each car. First car on the list was the Porsche 911 (997). This version of the 911 was produced from 2005-2011. It is the second generation of the water cooled 911's. Porsche fixed many of the issues the first generation water cooled 996 cars. I have always admired the 911 since I started following the Flying Lizard Porsche team in the American LeMans racing series. I had a chance to drive a 2005 base model 911 about two years ago with my son on father's day. We test drove a silver car with the 6 speed transmission. Going into the drive I assumed the car was going to be nice, I mean it is a Porsche it should be nice right? I didn't think it was going to be amazing! It was nearly perfect. Almost flat cornering. The power band on the 345hp flat six was smooth from idle right to red line. The power wasn't mind blowing or anything just smooth and strong. Everything felt so refined and smooth. It was one of those cars you think you are driving about 30mph and a glance at the speedometer will red 70 or 80mph. The biggest difference between a Porsche 911 and your car is when you get back into your car. My Mitsubishi feels like a soup can on wheels compared to the Porsche. My top choice would be an "S" model with 40 more horsepower and bigger brakes than the base 911. Maybe someday. The 997 generation is now out of production and they can be found as certified used cars from Porsche for $45,000-65,000. Still a lot of money for most people but I feel worth every penny.

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