Sunday, August 12, 2012

I need 4 tires.

My '05 Evolution is due for a new set of tires. Currently I have Falken Azenis RT-615s on the car. They have worn down to the point they won't pass inspection. One of the tires has a plug in it and they have gone out of balance. So, it is time to shop. Right now I have a new set of OEM Yokahama Advan A046 tires on the OEM Enkei wheels on the car. I have a set of  OEM BBS MR wheels that I am shopping for tires for. The Falkens served me well for about 10,000 miles. They worked good for daily summer driving as well as autocross. Advantage is not having to change wheels or tires for an autocross day. The three tires I am considering are Falken RT-615K, Kumho Ecsta XS, and Hankook RS3. Reading some tire tests in Grassroots Motorsports magazine and some conversations with my brother have me leaning towards the Hankooks. I'll will have a decision and an update in about one month time.

Photo of The Week #27

My 8 year old son took this picture at a car show. It is a Studebaker pickup truck.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Road Trip to Maine

Took a trip with the family to Maine this weekend. A couple of the driving highlights were VT route 9 from Bennington to Brattleboro. Always a nice drive over the White Mountains. On the Bennington side is the Hemmings Motor News gas station and small museum. Halfway brings you to the ski town of Wilmington. Then you reach the end in Brattleboro. The other cool drive is US route 1 in Maine. Loaded with old fashioned tourist traps and some glimpses of inland harbors and tidal marshes. made a stop at Moody's diner in Waldaboro, ME. It gives a you peak at what vacationing was like in the 50's.
This neat Russian motorcycle was parked in front of Moody's

Photo of the Week #26

Owl's Head Transportation Museum

I had a chance this past Sunday to check out the Owl's Head Transportation Museum in Owl's Head, Maine. I have been here before almost 20 years ago or more. I wanted to stop over and see it again. This is a very nice museum with lots of nice automobiles, motorcycles and planes to see. They had a feature exhibit on MG autos. They have a great display of WWI and WWII vintage planes that you just can't anywhere. They have many shows at the museum throughout the year. At many of these shows you can see the vintage planes flying. If you are on vacation in Maine I recommend you check this place out.

Also further north on the Maine coast is the Seal Cove Auto Museum. I didn't have the opportunity to visit it during this trip but hope to in the future.