Sunday, August 12, 2012

I need 4 tires.

My '05 Evolution is due for a new set of tires. Currently I have Falken Azenis RT-615s on the car. They have worn down to the point they won't pass inspection. One of the tires has a plug in it and they have gone out of balance. So, it is time to shop. Right now I have a new set of OEM Yokahama Advan A046 tires on the OEM Enkei wheels on the car. I have a set of  OEM BBS MR wheels that I am shopping for tires for. The Falkens served me well for about 10,000 miles. They worked good for daily summer driving as well as autocross. Advantage is not having to change wheels or tires for an autocross day. The three tires I am considering are Falken RT-615K, Kumho Ecsta XS, and Hankook RS3. Reading some tire tests in Grassroots Motorsports magazine and some conversations with my brother have me leaning towards the Hankooks. I'll will have a decision and an update in about one month time.

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