Friday, April 29, 2011

Not Your Father's Oldsmobile

Or is it. This post is directed towards folks who refer to thier "sport-utility" vehicle as a truck. With some exceptions it is not a truck! We have a 2009 Honda Pilot. It is the modern day version of the Griswald family truckster. Like it or not you are driving you mom and dad's wagon from the 70's. First let get some criteria down as what a truck is.
1-has an exposed bed to put stuff in
2-has body on frame construction
3-can be driven on a farm or construcion site
4-can tow a large trailer (boat, car, horse)
This is a modern Griswald family truckster
1-unibody construction
2-ten or more cupholders
3-seating for seven or more
4-ten or more speakers
5-need to buy extra accessories in order to carry stuff (kayak, bikes, skis)
There are some vehicles that border both catagories.
Chevrolet Avalanche-truck
Hummer H2-truck
Land Rover Ranger Rover and Discovery (all early Land Rovers)-trucks
Full size Ford Bronco, Chevrolet Blazer-trucks
Lincoln Navigator, Aviator, MKX-Griswald trucksters
Chevrolet Trailblazer-Griswald truckster
Ford Explorer-Griswald truckster
BMW X5-Griswald truckster
Subaru Forester-Griswald truckster
You get the idea.
1969 Buick station wagon holds 7 passengers, weighs 4200lbs, can tow a boat.
2009 Honda Pilot holds 8 passengers, weighs 4500lbs, can tow a boat.
A "sport utility" is just the evolution of those mammoth wagons from the 70's. Now they have 10 cupholders, AWD, traction control, ABS, stability conrol, and navigation. I am sure our children will not buy anything marketed as a "sport utility" just as our generation shuns the term "station wagon".
By the way your Ford Escape is a Pinto wagon in disguise.
The reason I put the quotes around the term "sport utility" is because I do not feel this label has any meaning. Have you ever driven one? There is no sport to it, and when I go to Home Depot for plywood or sheet rock there is no utility either. How about a load of firewood?

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