Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is not really the way I intended to start this blog. Today I delivered my 1971 Fiat 850 Spider to the new owner. It was a day of mixed emotions. I had decided over the winter it was time to move on to something else. I didn't realize though until I removed the plates and walked away how attached to the car I was. We started out this morning at 11:30am headed from Niskayuna, NY to Livingston, NY about 55 miles away. I mapped out a trip using all two lane roads the night before. The weather was partly cloudy and 60 degrees. I drove the Fiat (with the top down) and my wife and kids followed in our Honda Pilot. The weather was nice and the roads in southern Rensselear and Columbia county were really great. The trip went smooth with no problems. Perfect weather and roads for a little convertible sports car. I guess that fun last ride really made it hard to let go. I will miss the car my daughter named "raspberry". I hope the new owner takes the time to learn the car and is able to really enjoy it. I will blog about the car itself at a later date. Photos attached are of the car at the new owner's place. As I drove away I wondered is that patch of mowed grass behind an old barn the final resting place for that fun little car? I hope not.

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